Cant access [email protected] account

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Cant access [email protected] account

Post by Kaleido »

I've been using my login [email protected] in-game with no problem since 2016, however i have never been able to sign in to the forums with it. Unfortunately i don't know what the email connected to this account may be (I probably made a new one specifically for this purpose). I'm not active on the forums, so it hasn't really been an issue until now but it would be nice to have access to that account again.

I can access my login in game on servers ( It's the account associated with my racing times), but maybe I have changed the forums login password somewhere along the line? I don't really know to to contact about this but if anyone can help it would be appreciated :)


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Re: Cant access [email protected] account

Post by Z-Man »

Only Tank can help, he's usually on IRC. Not right now, though. I'll try to remember pointing him here.

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