April Fools!

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April Fools!

Post by Tank Program »

Sorry for my horrible April Fools joke.

Walking Tree
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Post by Walking Tree »

just now Invader told me about it. I mussed have missed it by minutes :(
slashdot is cool today...
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Post by Hooj »

I fell for it...And i cried :roll:
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Post by Self_Destructo »

ROFL, I did the same thing with my clan.
Sorry, as of April 1st, The ~"XzL.Accel Clan will be dissolved.


I put the APF there to make everyone wonder what it meant. Everyone laughed thier head off when they figured it out, except for Vital, who gave me a chewing and said that was mean, lol.
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Post by Z-Man »

Grr, got me, too. :oops: and grrr.
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Post by Lacrymosa »

I was shocked as well.
But nice idea! :)
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Post by Phytotron »

Doc Joe Tron came into Shrunkland yesterday and was very pissed. "What the hell is going on?"

"Doc, Tank is in Europe. Days come sooner there. Time zones and all."

"So what? WTF is going on?"

"It's already tomorrow where he is."

"I know about time zones...I'm not stupid!"

"Doc, what is tomorrow? Think about it."

"What does the first of the month have to do with anything? I don't have time for your bullshittery scope. Just tell me wtf is going on!"

"The first of what month?"


"What's is April 1st?"

"What? I don't give a sh*t! Just tell me what's happening."

"Wow, if you're pissed at me you're really going to be pissed at Tank."

"Look man, I'm not in the mood for this."

"Doc, look at the url: armagetronad.net/afd"

"Yes, I saw it, so what?"

"AFD. April 1st."

"Stop giving me bullshit and just tell me what's going on, damnit!"

Man, I should have taken a screenshot of the conversation, because my trying to remember it doesn't even begin to capture the degree of Doc's exasperation. In his defense he was really ill. Heh, he also said, "you should have told me Tank got mad and shut everything down. I would have believed it." I guess I just wasn't clever enough.
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Post by 2020 »

hold the line
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Post by ed »

When I saw it I was almost relieved.
Thought I might be able to resume my life.

Ah well, back to the grid....
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April fools... grrrrrr..

Post by Misery »

I thought the same thing Osci thought. It's April 1st where HE is. I was just HOPING it was an joke. I have to admit, I was crushed at first. Considering I was offline since November. Then the first few days I'm back... *POOF* it's gone!! Waaaaaaaaaa....


But not really. lol
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Post by Freewheelin'56 »

:lol: Dang you got me Tank, :)
Freewheelin'58 I want Goshdarn back!!
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Post by iceman »

damn I missed the joke, I hardly ever get a chance to login at the weekend as im busy with family

very wicked tank :twisted: I wish I had seen it :twisted:
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Post by Tank Program »

I was considering leaving it up for the full 24 hours of Aril Fools day but that would just be too mean.

Still, I can't help but smile that I got some poeple, and even z-man ;). Although I admit, you did catch on pretty fast there z-man.

I might as well say here and now that you don't have to worry about me leaving. In fact, you'll have a hell of a time trying to get rid of me if you ever try.

Good we're having some laughs ofer this :lol:.

And for a reference, I did mean the "afd" in the url to be a give away.
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Post by Lucifer »

"Don't be so gullible, McFly."

Be the devil's own, Lucifer's my name.
- Iron Maiden
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Post by CruZ »

hehe what luck, I made a screenshot ^^

here it comes :wink:

mfg CruZ
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