World servers.

World of TiTnAsS, World of Hate... Stuff about them goes here. Duh.

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World servers.

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Welcome to the world servers.

Current servers in exsistance:
"World of TNA"--home of the Roulette. NEWEST BETAS ONLY... Description: Medium speed, low rubber, hard grind settings. The perfect server for Tunneling, Mazing, and Rouletting. People who to talk to about harassment, anything unapropriate, or abuse of settings (IE running camping etc): Zig, BoB, iceman, SuPeRtArD, TiTnAsS. (They are all in constant contact with me :)..and they are my masters and I do what they want -_-..)

Current servers running:
"World of TNA"

For more information refer to "Current status:" post.
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