AI Challenge II

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AI Challenge II

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I took an old game of mine and made it even harder. The new version is actually a mashup of three AoT servers, AI Challenge, Maze-A-Tron, and Destroy the MCP. It has a smaller grid with fewer obstacles, the speed is slightly slower, and the rubber is softer and more forgiving. Trails are infinite and do not disappear! However, the explosion radius is rather large, so space will clear out as the round progresses (inspired by Phytotron's unreleased "debris field"). The server is complete insanity and most rounds last less than 30 seconds. It will wear you out quickly.

The object of the game is to collect as many zones as possible. Everyone gets one zone to protect and players have the option of going for the winzone after 20 seconds. Points are scored by capturing a zone, holding your zone, surviving, and wining the round. It supports 1-4 human players and the remaining slots will be filled by AI up to 8 total players. It is a very challenging single player game and fast and fun multi-player game with lots of tunneling. And just like AI Challenge I, players may want to work together against the bots because dying early means you stand to lose twice as many points as you might win.
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Re: AI Challenge II

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This looks fun! I remember your first server, I think you put it out in summer or something like that, I know I had a lot of free time to kill and I spent it all trying to break the record lol... When I get home this weekend, I'm going to re-download Tron just to try this one out. Hope it doesn't get me hooked to this game again xD
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