What is The Server Pharm?

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What is The Server Pharm?

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The Server Pharm is a group of servers that I host on a VPS or Virtual Private Server that I have purchased from Luke-Jr, one of the Armagetronad developers. He offers a full set of plans that I would highly recommend as a good starting point to anyone starting out hosting a server. For more information, check out his website at http://lightfoot-ct.dashjr.org/ To the curious, I use no web controls to control my servers, just the linux command line. My VPS is hosted from a server that Luke-Jr controls in Connecticut, US. I have chosen this location, because it is particularly close, in terms of network hops, to the undersea lines that connect the United States and Europe. Therefore, my servers offer reasonable performance for international gatherings. I am no Linux expert, and this is part of the fun for me. This is my hobby.
The Server Pharm actually has a mission statement:
To provide tournaments, and servers for tournaments, that help increase the base of players that regularly play Armagetronad. To put up unique servers not found elsewhere, and to keep up old classic servers, that people have loved to play.

To service those needs the general plan is as follows:

Once I have a stable and secure VPS setup, I will keep up the servers that I deem worthy.
Whenever The Server Pharm has servers participating in a tournament, to ensure maximum throughput, and minimum lag, all other servers will be temporarily taken down. When said tournament is over, All servers will be returned to normal 24/7 service.
Since The Server Pharm is basically my hobby, and my toy, I make all final decisions as to what servers will be up! However, I am not a jerk! If you have a kewl server that you want me to host, and a WORKING config file that you have tested, perhaps from setting up a server from your house...I will consider hosting it!
This forum is the place to PM me!
This forum is the place to discuss server ideas, and your ideas for The Server Pharm.
I will also be Hosting a Standard Wild West Style CTF Server and a Standard Fortress Ladle Server. You can request to get Team Leader rights for your team to be able to run team practices there. I don't expect much real gameplay in these servers, but if a clan or team needs a server, I would be willing to let trustworthy people borrow these servers on a chaotic "first come, first serve" basis.
I will make another post about this when the servers are available! :D
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