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heh that was me saying 'moose?' when they wanted to kick Manuel, not that i had expected you to be him, but more of an odd joke to see if anyone else catched the connection between kicking a manuel and me saying 'moose'.
(yes, i know now that its moos and not moose)

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Post by spirit »

Good idea this thread! :lol:
OK here´s mine:
-Nobody (long ago)

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Post by gnorty »

I mostly play as gnorty, and don't really have an alias as such, but I do often play under a different name, sometimes if I am playing embarrassingly badly, sometimes when some guy has taken exception to something and is giving me a hard time (TKs etc) sometimes if I am feeling mischievious and want to tease somebody else by mimicing their nich etc (close, but insulting, not a total impersonation) and sometimes just for fun.

Names rarely mean much to me on the grid, maybe socially, but not gameplay wise. You can't rely on names, so I tend to judge players on a session by session basis. Once I saw Lucifer playing fortress, and he dumped me a few times, so I knew it wasn't the real luci, and gave him a wide berth for that game.


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Patch <— Usually the name is a different color from the "P"
-={HB}=-{Gaara} <— Fun alias clan, Hibernating Bears

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Post by Self_Destructo »

BaCKSeaTDRiVeR for the fun of sarcasm. I dunno, I just like ironic names. lol

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Walking Tree
or variations of it such as

sometimes (rarely, if ever)

in IRC and TS I go around as wtree or w-tree

people think wrtlprnft is me ? man I should play more...
on the grid as ~free::zombie~

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Post by Lacrymosa »

I play as:
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Post by Joe »

i have played under so many names i dont even think i could remember em all, Joe, JJBean, Primula, FleGriPa, [Knob], uh....... i have alot more that ill just keep private

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Post by Ghableska »

-twitch (usually on non-fortress servers)

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Post by Misery »

I've been offline since November last year. I don't play much cuz this computer I'm on has a crappy 4 meg vid card. I have no router so I can't use my computer in my room. But when I DID play I went by...
Misery... Duh
Fat Bastard
I'm sure theres lot's more... Just can't think of them off the bat.

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Post by PressCorpse »

-Press Corpse is the main name i use.

-KilledForBread; rarely used name.

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