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The Lobster Page

Post by DrJoeTr0n » This will be the official home for The Lobster Servers.

What To expect.

News: Upcomming potential maybe events. Downtimes, as well as uptimes! Changes to the server and possible new servers(It's a maybe right now :) )Anything new will be posted on the site as well as here. Changes in the TeamSpeak server will also be posted. (Yeah guys, that's still around.)

Pictures!: Pictures of the servers in all of their decrepid glory.
You're server admins ripping their hair out, while working on the servers,
Player Gallery of the Lobster Mafia.

Misc. Debris: Cute little stuff, Like A list of the whole Lobster crew. The Admins, Moderators and of course The Lobster Mafia. Links to other sites and Perhaps if I get around the current Ladder Ranks.

Forum?: Perhaps, we could have our own little one. This one is still great. :wink:

Full Production should start this weekend.

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