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hmm, idk....

i'll try it and post how it works out next time i'm on the mac....

might be a long time though.....

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ivantis wrote:(4)press the <Up> arrow key.
(5)type /* after what you see
(6)press enter.
(7)repeat steps 4 through 6 untill it says "file not found" or something
why don't you just use chmod -R 777 . ?

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So I got my server up and running (with a bit of trouble haha)... Only thing, do I have to have terminal open the entire time I'm running my server? I leave my computer on 24/7, but I don't want to have to have terminal running the whole time, just because I share this computer with other people, who need to log onto their accounts on the computer.

So my question: Is their any possible way to still have my computer connected to the master list and let people play, but not have terminal running, and be able to switch between users? (The computer would be on 24/7 though.)

If not, I guess I'll just have to wait until I get a laptop :P

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Post by ed »

Screen is one of those programs that once you've used it you wonder how you ever managed without it
Very basic tutorial...
Start a screen session with

Code: Select all

screen -S myservername
start your server on the cli.
press ctl-a then d to detach from the screen.
You can now log out, switch user, etc.

Code: Select all

screen -r myservername
will reattach to the screen session, you can then continue where you left off.
Or you can reattach/start/stop the screen from a remote location via ssh if you wish.

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Post by pdbq »

Ha ha!

Thank you kind sir!

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