What are you watching right now?

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Re: What are you watching right now?

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Clutch wrote:I was a huge fan of the books as a kid.
Welcome to the club, or should I say VFD? ;)
Clutch wrote:Wasn't expecting NPH to be able to do Count Olaf, but he kills it.
You're right, I'm so glad NPH didn't try to be tooo different from Jim Carrey's take on the character. And the selection of costumes and cars! It would be so fun to watch any story in that world.
Clutch wrote:And damn those sets are amazing
Yes, I read the sets are done by Bo Welch, who used to work for Tim Burton (I feel like they should've asked him to direct an episode, but the show works quite perfectly without him).

I also like the clever references to the platform people use to watch it, or to how the world has changed after the final book of the series came out. And I have a total crush on that female agent named Jacquelyn .
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Re: What are you watching right now?

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Strangely, I've been watching NCIS. The original, not one of the spin-offs (although I'm curious about the one with Scott Bakula).

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Re: What are you watching right now?

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Someone gave me TRON and TRON:Legacy on DVD, but I already have them. If you want these I'll send then to you, free (PM me). Otherwise I've gonna throw them out or something.

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Re: What are you watching right now?

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I am watching How I met your mother, it is so funny, I like to watch it after work in my cozy property in Riga and eat snacks, so it helps me to relax

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Re: What are you watching right now?

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"Planet of the Humans"

I read a thread on this forum with the same name thought let's see what's this about. Well, It's a pretty damn good documentary I would say.

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