[PHP] Server Framework

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[PHP] Server Framework

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So hello everyone.

Today I thought I finally announce this php framework I've been developing for anyone to use. It's like a scripted versions of all sorts of things that people use php for with running of the server. Using these scripts you can achieve many things (not going into detail here).

The link to the sources is located here: Launchpad - php_server_framework.

This is something that I did not actually come up on my own. It was a request made by compguygene. He wanted a server framework for everybody to use in the future, no matter how little of a php they might know. For that matter I am leaving certain comments here and there to help them through it all.

Currently the script is put in place that only supports the code of 0.2.9-armagetronad-sty+ct+ap. The abbreviation "ap" stands for Alpha Project. I'm won't be surprised if nobody has ever heard of it. It's quite a silent little project after all. Eve so, no matter how silent it might be, it is still the most customized code of programming out there for the 0.2.8/9 version models.

All knowledge, information and available features are located here http://forums3.armagetronad.net/viewtop ... =4&t=23035

In coding this I'm telling you now that it is still not done. I'll be making more and more progression as I find more things to do and add. Yesterday alone I spent the whole 3 hours going through each and every code, fixing things and repairing here and there.

The amount of work I put into this is amazing but really, I'm also getting benefits out of this :)

So enjoy yourselves with it but please leave the reference tags at the top. I don't get much credit for my work but I still would like some recognition for making them for free :)

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