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Re: Ladle 51

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prettylights wrote:so special considerations should be made for the server owners but not the "troublemakers" then. it doesnt take that much thinking. im just saying that in the public use of a private server, private matters should stay in the latter.
Yeah, special considerations for me, the person who pays for a server for you to use.

Please come up with a solution on how to make Ladle more accessible while keeping troublemakers out. I'm not putting any effort into this one because it just looks like more work for me in the long-run. And I don't understand this "public/private" nonsense. All my servers are public. I don't ban people for "private" matters. I ban them because they are jerk-offs in public. (Actually, I don't ban anyone anyway, but if I did I would stick to it, Ladle or not.)

Remember, you guys are more than free to come up with whatever policy you want. I just added rule 11 to reflect the conversation dlh and I had during Ladle when we realized the situation had never been addressed. He didn't feel too comfortable unbanning an IP on Z-Man's server, and neither would I on anyone else's. Feel free to come up with something better.

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