Possible cause of Lag on Shrunkland, Swampland and hell

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Possible cause of Lag on Shrunkland, Swampland and hell

Post by Swampy »

I discovered a process on Swampland that's a component of KDE that is dogging the machine as I write this. It's called kio_fulltext and it's currently eating 50% of the CPU and over half of the servers RAM. I'm going to switch the desktops on all three servers to Gnome for now and see if that performs better. BTW, all three machines are running Mandriva 2006 and I did all three installs the same way, so it seems logical that all three could be having the same problem.

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Post by Lucifer »

Ahhh, Mandriva 2006 had an issue with a program called Kat. If you disable that program, it should go away. Should be in your system tray.

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Post by CoffeeTeeCat »

i don't know what has been changed and what got better,
but but i think Shrunkland got better when it's about full of players. (by the way, max is 6 players now?)
i forgot when that game was stopped like using stopwatch for a long time
while me and oscilloscope and other guys were playing in shrunkland.
however it's gone now, i think.
good luck for you and your all servers.

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