Old Z-Man's GER going down

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Old Z-Man's GER going down

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It's about time to put that the old VPS it was running on to rest. Various reasons. I should have done this myself a year or two back, the bang for buck wasn't really there any more. Now the hosting company is pulling the plug, no longer willing to support that old and (probably for them no longer profitable) virtualization platform. The machine was hosting:
- my game server, rarely used anyway these days
- one master server
- my game recordings

I found a presumably good replacement, the new hosting company claims it gives guaranteed CPU resources. We'll see about that. When I checked, it was measurably faster than my other current server, the one doing the builds and hosting download.armagetronad.org, and a lot faster than the old game server; so far, so good.

The replacement already took up active duty as master server, the game server named "Z-Man's GER" is also already there running in an all new environment: sty+ct+ap in podman with emergency fallback to zeroinstall builds, and emergency emergency fallback to the old environment as far as that is possible.

The old server is still up with changed DNS settings, name "Z-Man's DOOMED GER".

I'll run some more checks and flip the vps-zman.armagetronad.org DNS to the new server in the next couple of days, that should switch the game recordings and existing server bookmarks over.
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