Sumo Guide 2021

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Sumo Guide 2021

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For any forums lurkers who are not in the discord group, here is a sumo guide I wrote and illustrated this summer. The guide is generally intended for newer sumo players, but others may find parts helpful, or at least interesting.

Sumo Guide

Here is the Table of Contents:

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1 Introduction
2 About Sumo
   2.1 History
   2.2 The Game Mode
   2.3 Variations and Tournaments
3 Starting to Play
   3.1 Round Progression and Beginner Strategy
      3.1.1 Early-Round
      3.1.2 Mid-Round   
      3.1.3 End-Round
   3.2 Settings and Preferences
      3.2.1 Keybinds
      3.2.2 Camera Settings
      3.2.3 Other Commands
   3.3 Technical Skills
      3.3.1 Surviving Külting Mazing and Tracing
      3.3.2 Defending
      3.3.3 Attacking
      3.3.4 Tunnelling
      3.3.5 Timing
4 Strategy / Playstyle Components
   4.1 Controlling Space
      4.1.1 Establishing and Expanding
      4.1.2 Setting up and Holding Space Positioning Organization
   4.2 Axis Changing
   4.3 Attacking
   4.4 Zone Awareness
   4.5 Speed and Rubber
   4.6 Scoring Points
5 How to Improve
   5.1 As You Improve
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Re: Sumo Guide 2021

Post by Lackadaisical »

Great stuff! Impressive how you were able to formalize the different aspects of sumo and relate it to various players. Definitely found it an interesting read.
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