My version of movie sounds

Made a pack that makes Armagetron sound like a rock concert? Hook us up!
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My version of movie sounds

Post by Silverfrost208 »

I wanted to make the game look and sound just like the lightcycle scene from the movie and while I did find the movie pack which does just that. There weren't alot of sound mods (at the time of writing I just found another movie sound mod but it doesn't have alot) So I wanted to make my own variant of movie sounds by using this youtube video right here.

And import them into the game along with some alternate sounds if you prefer those.

Let me know what you guys think.
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Re: My version of movie sounds

Post by sinewav »

Nice. I like dietron (alt) the best, but the first dietron is also really good. The biggest challenge I found with making replacement sounds is that they need to stack on top of each other well and retain their definition. Complicated turn sounds turn into mush in games with lots of turning, long explosions don't always work well when overlapping, and getting an engine sound you can listen to for hours is... hard! I feel like you alt engine sound can be cleaned up a little by looping a much smaller section of it. As someone who "listens" to my opponents just as much as I see them, the varying pitch of that one would be unusable.

:) Nice job though, always happy to see people make mods.
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