SBT 7/7/19

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SBT 7/7/19

Post by johnny.nbk. »

Hello, we're trying to organize a (mini) SBT for 7/7/19

1 ROUND STARTS : Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) : 6:00 PM


Discord discussion ( go to # competitions) ... 5117284352

invite code(

I know it's last minute but hopefully we can get some good games going :). We'll try and get something larger later in the summer ( and not on july 4th weekend) if this one goes well.
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Re: SBT 7/7/19

Post by Pre »

congrats to illmatic, dude is insane.

thanks for hosting!
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Re: SBT 7/7/19

Post by aP|Nelg »

I've uploaded the recordings here:

*.aarec files:
Standard Armagetron Advanced recordings, recorded with

*.tar.gz and *.zip
Compressed form of all *.aarecs in this directory. You would only need to download one of these.
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Re: SBT 7/7/19

Post by Renegade »

Thanks to all who participated and donated time & servers to make this happen. GGs all, and gz ill
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