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Re: Yet Another Online Server Browser

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Recently I've set up a version of this server browser using epsy's code on kevin's website, modified to use light's server feed:

It has a few issues:
  • Servers seem to disappear after a while. I don't remember this happening on the original version?
  • The refreshing of servers is based on the timestamp from Light's server. That's not an issue in and of itself, however if your system clock is off it will either refresh constantly because the server browser always thinks it's outdated, (as on my w2k machine) or refresh after longer intervals if your clock is ahead. Also, if light's server feed isn't refreshing for some reason, the server list will always be outdated and will constantly refresh.
  • Light's server feed doesn't output server descriptions, so I substituted another copy of the server name where the description would usually go.

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Re: Yet Another Online Server Browser

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oooh ive been waiting for something like this thanks Nel!

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