Small forum issues

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Small forum issues

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Not sure if this is already on your list, but PM-edits don't work (if you know me, you know that I LOVE editing things).
Umlauts aren't displayed correctly anymore (oe becomes something like ¶ - I can't even type it here because when I post it, it's wrong as well and shows too many of these letters! Anyway, it's a capital A with a spanish tilde above it, followed by the new-line-sign) and the main site link to the forums doesn't work, <shhh!>

(Obviously, all of this probably is a direct result of relocating stuff out of reach of the DDoS-windbags and I wouldn't be surprised if there are some more inconveniences that other people can report here. I'm already happy the forums are stable at all.)

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Re: Small forum issues

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Thanks for testing the super secret thing already :) The character encodings should be fixed, I'll look into the PM editing.

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Re: Small forum issues

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I do feel like these forum pages load faster now. :D

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Re: Small forum issues

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keep up the good work.. :)

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