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Trunk client

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So I was over at a friend's house and he let me use his computer and I installed the most recent trunk client, which I normally use and have, and edited my settings, then I went to the server list and searched by most users online. The game told me there were zero players online and I was confused, so I scrolled through the list and noticed almost all the servers would say "Need Experience" Or "Registration required" Not sure if there's any way around that setting for new players, or if it's just something strictly limited to the trunk version. To any new player downloading it, which probably is very few, most people don't know about the trunk clients for a while after they've started, the game looks completely void of players, so it's probably not a big deal, just thought I'd throw it out there though.
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Re: Trunk client

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It's only in new trunk clients. If you would like to get past that, type

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include uphillbothways.cfg
in the console or type

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/console include uphillbothways.cfg
in chat.
It is a way of encouraging new players to do the tutorials first.
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