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wrtlprnft.net/armalogs/log-2009-03-26.txt wrote: 22:26 <smoothice> How do I convert an aamap into SVG
22:26 <smoothice> quickest possible way
22:27 <BabyBug> aamap2svg
22:27 <dlh> doesn't exist...
22:28 <dlh> There is no quick and easy way to do it.
There was. See edit2 below.

It converts a map into SVG code that can be loaded into Inkscape (et al, probably).

(Edit: added some more or less useless options ...)
(Edit2: merged with the previewer.)

(P.S.: had a harddrive crash lately. All my maps (150+) gone, no backup. Can remake most of them from scratch, but not all. If any of you happen to have the folders "race" or "racerz" in the map cache under my name, please help me out!)

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