Learning PHP. Help Please

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Learning PHP. Help Please

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I'm just starting to learn php with websites and the like and i thought i would make a script for tron. I'm kinda a noob can anyone tell me if this is how the script should look like if im trying to have the script tell the console to say something when a certain phrase is said?

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	$ln1="Hi Soul";
if (strpos('$ln1', '$ln2') !==FALSE) {
	print ("say SOUL IS A BEAST");
Don't dis to hard if thats a fail. I mean i've only been at this for what, like a week + school sooo....

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Re: Learning PHP. Help Please

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That would be the correct conditional logic I believe... Now you just need everything else.

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Re: Learning PHP. Help Please

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Tank Program wrote:Now you just need everything else.
"95% of people believe in every quote you post on the internet" ~ Abraham Lincoln

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