Install <gid> tag extension

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Install <gid> tag extension

Post by dlh »

I'm not quite sure who runs the wiki right now, but…

Could you install this extension I made? It adds a <gid> tag.

Example using the new tag:

Code: Select all

<gid server="g5s-mega-fortress-pro">[email protected], [email protected]</gid>

Expands to: free kill ([email protected]), G5 ([email protected])

Templates can be used to make the syntax more simple: {{LadleGID|[email protected], …}}
Example of live query from the server.

It requires the latest version of MediaWiki (1.16.0), so an upgrade would be needed. The <gid> extension requires a feature added in this version—the ability to expand template arguments.

Steps to install:

1. Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.16.0
2. Place the GID directory in the extensions directory
3. At the end of LocalSettings.php add require_once( "$IP/extensions/GID/GID.php" );
4. Done
<gid> MediaWiki extension
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Re: Install <gid> tag extension

Post by AI-team »

It doesn't seems to work with @ct and @pru because they add additional "ranks"

i.e: ... pru/leader
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Re: Install <gid> tag extension

Post by Tank Program »

I may just be slow, but what purpose does this serve? When do you use it?

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Re: Install <gid> tag extension

Post by epsy »

dlh wrote:Making authentication a requirement was a good step, but I don't think team captains should have the capability to /op their team members. Also, it's probably time to switch to using global IDs instead of names on the Challenge Board. I can make a MediaWiki plugin to expand the GID to the form of “Screen name ([email protected])” (*the screen name would be found from This can be used until/if we switch to some other competition management system.

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