compguygene's mega fortress USA (1000mbit)

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compguygene's mega fortress USA (1000mbit)

Post by compguygene »

I have a new Xen server that has a 1000mbit connection to the net. I plan to mostly use it to "broadcast" or stream tournaments. I am currently testing out a setup to do so. However, when tournaments are not going on, it is an excellent VPS to host tron servers from. Since it has a particularly large capacity, I am going to experiment with servers that can hold more people than is typical. Of course, when a tournament is being streamed, to ensure decent performance, the Game servers will be taken down.
This server is setup to hold a maximum of 42 clients, 16 players per team. The settings are similar to DS Mega Fortress/Fortress Cafe. It is hosted in South Carolina, USA. Initial testing shows decent performance for European as well as American players. My thought is that this would be a good server for those late evening (USA time) Fortress matches that sometimes happen! Enjoy!

Edit: If you would like Admin or Moderator in this server, please post on this topic.
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Re: compguygene's mega fortress USA (1000mbit)

Post by theroze »

As I already pointed out at your server, there are already lots of Mega Fortress Servers. Im looking forward to play some Mega Fort in a Mega Map. :)
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Re: compguygene's mega fortress USA (1000mbit)

Post by INW »

compguygene wrote:It is hosted in South Carolina, USA.
Well thats only a few hours drive away!!! I have no excuse for lag!! I would love to help admin/mod the server if u dont mind.

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