armagetron 2.8.3

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armagetron 2.8.3

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hi when i run arma2.8.3 and i try to make it in full screen, my screen become black and n othing happens

:( need help plz!!

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Re: armagetron 2.8.3

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I'm afraid we need more information. Could you post your user.cfg here? To find it, go to the "About" menu in the main menu, the location of user.cfg is given right at the top. Put it into a zip archive and attach it here. Be sure to remove all lines with PASSWORD in them first if you have told it to store any passwords on disk.

Also, your system specs would help, and which operating system you're using.

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Re: armagetron 2.8.3

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You probably ran a screen size/resolution your graphcs card doesnt support.
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