Fortress Freedom Servers are now open to anyone!

Here you can discuss anything about the servers hosted by The Server Pharm!

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Fortress Freedom Servers are now open to anyone!

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If you check the master list you will find that I have 2 Fortress Freedom Servers: TheServerPharm:Fortress Freedom and TheServerPharmEU:Fortress Freedom!

The servers only serve 2 purposes:

1. To provide servers for Ladles/Bowls/Cups or any other Fortress Tournament.

2. To provide servers that Clans/Teams/or Individuals can use to practice or have matches.

Each of these servers has been playtested with 12+players from a mix of Euro and American players.

TheServerPharm:Fortress Freedom is hosted in Chicago and was used in the last ladle. TheServerPharmEU:Fortress Freedom is hosted in the UK. I have noticed that many Euro clans/teams don't have admin access to an American Server. I have also noticed that many American clans/teams don't have access to a European server. These servers are meant to fill that gap.

Here is how it works:
Contact me via pm on this forum...a forum post...a game...
If i know you and/or your clan/team I will probably just give you and potentially a few others in your clan/team admin level access via Global ID. If you don't know what that means...i can teach you. If I don't know you, fear not, I will research your clan/team and upon some verification give you and your clan/team the access that you want!
This is all being done on an honor system. First come, first serve, no preplanned necessary. If an individual abuses the admin privileges, they will be taken away by me. Since this is my toy, I claim rights to it any time I need it, however, I won't be an arse about it. I can put up another fortress server anytime I need one. I just want to see people use my toy to its maximum!

Armagetron: It's a video game that people should just play and enjoy :) out the simple site about TheServerPharm

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