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Post by sinewav »

Sinn wrote:-You play open (meaning you DO NOT seal)
-You single bind or double bind (meaning NO triples, quads, etc..)
-You have LOW rubber
-You have LOW speed
-You stay OFF the rim (ppl digging in the rim kills dogfighting)
-There are NO or very LITTLE brakes
It seems like most of these "rules" can be made into server settings. So why not make and "official" df.cfg file and post it? There are suggestions for this in settings.cfg:

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# "open" vs "closed" play. To enforce "open" play, set the next value to something positive, 
# values between .5 and .9 make most sense. If you choose to do so, increase CYCLE_RUBBER_MINDISTANCE
# for optimal effect; with normal speed settings, keep it between .2 and 2.
CYCLE_RUBBER_MINDISTANCE_GAP 0           # If > 0, CYCLE_RUBBER_MINDISTANCE effectively is never taken to be bigger than this value times the size of any detected gaps the cylce can squeeze through.
CYCLE_RUBBER_MINDISTANCE_GAP_SIDE .5     # Gap detection only sees gaps that the cycle may reach in no less than this many seconds.
Then, if a server isn't using the official df.cfg, you can call them cat-fight noobs or something mildly derogatory. I don't know how you would allow doubles but no triples, and you can make some "wacky" rim settings to keep people off it.

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Post by Lucifer »

Seems like a sufficiently low rubber setting will allow double binding, but stop triple binding. But triple binding could still be done, it just wouldn't be effective (I don't think I've seen people do it without touching a wall, but oddly enough, I rarely find double binding useful *when* touching a wall, which is when it's supposed to be most useful)

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Post by Sinn »

Well there are df servers with DF rules, but of course the biggest problem is getting people to follow those rules.

I've tried changing the turn delay which really stops triples but I can't change it so that it doesn't totally screw with the turns all together.
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Re: DF on wiki

Post by Tobe »

De-va-ju. I could have sworn i dicussed something about DF somewhere. I think it was on the original wiki and here in sine.wav's topic http://www.lagtest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=1430 If your not registered to lagtest, you will not be able to see it and currently registration to the forum is broken.

Basically, theres 4 kinds of DogFight servers:

Loose DF
Tight DF
"True" DF (Often confused with loose)
Immortal Dynasty DF

And to what Sin said, True DF (as I think that's what he's refering to) is meant to be for pro-DFers only. They should know what the rules are (even if its there first time there) by observing others play, or in the first round where a player would most likely say that their kill was "cheap" and say what's not allowed.
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