Hey does anyone have the

I hope it's obvious what it's for...

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Hey does anyone have the

Post by guscherry »

hey does any one have the download for this server because i wanted to host it my self.

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Post by epsy »

err, I'm not sure if mixnetwork is active at the moment, maybe leave him a PM

edit: the subsection..the subsection

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Re: Hey does anyone have the

Post by Spacezone »


I am still active (its me Mixnetwork)

My ACC does not work here anymore do not know what happened?

So I created a new one.

Sry but the settings of this server i do not giv away ;)

It's Spacezone baby :D

Have fun^^

EDIT: Saw it too late, this post is already 2 years old ^^
Live is for living^^

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Re: Hey does anyone have the

Post by Z-Man »

I checked the IP, it's indeed from the same area as Mixnetwork. So this is not that annoying impostor upping his game by taking the role of server admins :) Welcome back. About your old account, best talk to Tank, I don't think anyone else can do anything.

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