I don't understand...

I hope it's obvious what it's for...

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I don't understand...

Post by RyanM »

Why do we have to go so fast in the high speed server? I mean, I saw people going in the 200's to 300's and they weren't getting told to go faster like I was.

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Re: I don't understand...

Post by spirit »

RyanM wrote:Why do we have to go so fast in the high speed server?
Because it´s a high speed server.
Try to google "high" and try to google "speed" and if you can make it you can probably also google "high speed". Perhaps you know then.

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Post by Genki »

lovin the sarcasm :)

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Post by mixnetwork »

Well, I think I must write this for the 20est time or so..

Spacezone High Speed server is for High Speed players, so erveryone who comes in here, wants to drive High Speed.
So "permanent " slow drivers take the fun away for the High Speed drivers.

It is allowed to slow down, yes,if you are trapped and you wanna try to escape (thats why this possibility is given, otherwise I could set the main speed directly very high, so slow driving is not possible anymore).
But it's not the meaning of the high speed server to start slow and donn't speed up and drive slow until the end of the round that way.
You can do this on all other servers, also on other Spacezone servers, but please not on the High Speed server.
Now Spacezone High Speed server has some rules which you can find on the Website of Spacezone
Also every round the main rules are displayed in the game as console message with a different color ,so everybody MUST notice it. But I think no one really reads the messages there, or they donn't bother, but thats not my problem.

That someone not getting warned or kicked if he is driving slow could have more reasons.
1. he told that he is "afk" and would be right back.
2.No admin is on the server.
3. It was only a short time of driving slow.
4. He was trapped.
5 Or, at that moment, we where sick and tired of repeating 1000 times the same rules.

Almost always we give the player 3 x a warning before he gets kicked.
If a player donn't knows "how to" we will help him.

I hope you understand now.

Mix..... :wink:
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