No Camping Hehe.......??

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No Camping Hehe.......??

Post by HeHe=)² »

This is the last more camping...>>>'we read in the screen messege, while we follow the new player driving through a maze arranged by Tirip21, or John Cage, Flades , Blue, Galgo, Gp Alien, Bfam Alex, Razzi,Stoop, etc.

What do some players think ....that you can come out easly without camping for 10 seconds ???..
Those who commend very quikly on slower players and call them campers should maybe better first try to analyze the skills a person needs to come out of a trap set by big players, than we understand, that we cannot write every few seconds dont camp dont camp.
Mostly those who write such messeges are out in the first moments of the game and have all the time to arrange crittics instead of arranging a nice maze or trap. It all comes down to practise.

P.s. for a new player it can be devestating to be notyfied in that way in this great game wich is full of nice emotions.

:oops: (camper??)

HeHe= :pacman: 8) 8) 8)

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Post by mixnetwork »

Hi all

this is fully correct what HeHe=)² writes, it's OK to say that people should stop camping on any server or driver faster on the speed server.
But what we should realise, is that we would be happy to get and win some new players for Armagetron.
Now I had a friend and told him to try the game, he downloaded and installed it , logged himself in to my high speed server and of course he got trapped immediately after starting the first round. Than they told him he should stop camping and he did not know what they mean, he was boxed in and tried to stay alive.

He was a newbie and had to figure out first how to manage the settings and how to drive and so on. Now if I did not told him how to do that and why they told him not to camp, he would never played again.

So I think we must be a liitle bit more patient and help the newbies to play the game and that they come again and like it, otherwise I think Armagetron stays a small community of players and at the end it will never get many new players and die.

On the other hand I donn't understand the people who camp permanantely though they know how to drive, but I asume they like to annoy the others. If I write somebody 2-3 times on a server of mine he should drive faster because on the High Speed server ist that a must and no answer comes or no reaction of him or if he don't know how to do it (we would help him to do so) than we kick of course.

After I explaned my friend the game and how to's he likes it very much and plays now almost every day.

Perhaps we should make and NEWBIE SERVER and put it on first place in server list, where the newbies first can find out how everything works, of course they could play a solo game local, but I know how that is you start the game and you want to play online.

Mix..... :wink:

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