Spacezone lives again

I hope it's obvious what it's for...

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Spacezone lives again

Post by mixnetwork »

Hello all,

After a long time of rest :D Spacezone lives again!
A new Spacezoneserver is up and I wish all lot of fun.
Of course a speed server again!.

I just have some problems to start the server with a script but I hope to find out soon how it goes.

kind regards
mixnetwork :D :D

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Plastic is ruling there like anything

Post by HeHe=)² »

Yeh and your right Mix :D . This is one of the nicest servers to play on . Especially the combination between Spacezone III and Teamplay, because you can swich easly depending on your mood. Spacezone High speed is hard to play, cause Mixnetwork and Plastic are ruling there like anything......<<<<<

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