spacezone servers Updatet

I hope it's obvious what it's for...

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spacezone servers Updatet

Post by Spacezone »

Hi all (I am Mixnetwork)

All Spacezone servers are updatet to the new version.

Unfortunately my old login does not work anymore (Mixnetwork), my E-Mail adress has changed so I could not retrieve a new password.

Unfortunately Tank has not replied to my mail, so I created a new account.

In this board you hav still IF as moderator, well I have no contact to him anymore for 5 years now, and the Spacezone servers are mine, so perhaps you can remove him as moderator. ;)

At the moment 4 Spacezone Servers are online.

1. Spacezone High Speed (the oldest one)
2. Spacezone II Slow
3. Spacezone III
4. Spacezone formula 1 (with map change, race server)

I have to check how it work with the authentification on the servers, but for this feature I was waiting a long time now.

Nice work;)

Have fun^^
Live is for living^^

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Re: spacezone servers Updatet

Post by noob_saibot »

Hey not sure if Mix checks these forums anymore but...if you do...
what happened with spacezone formula 1?? I see it up sporadically, most recently a few weeks ago, but not the server down again??
also was wondering for old times sake, if you would put up the spacezone team server again. You have the other original 4 (or 3 minus f1), but the team server was a blast and i think some people would find the settings and game mode interesting with the possibility of a future competition..
Last but not least, what is the link to spacezone site these days? The old forum/ladder don't seem to exist anymore..but the old site had a lot of interesting crap on it..
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Re: spacezone servers Updatet

Post by Jonathan »

If I were you I'd send him a PM. He might have set it up so he gets an email whenever he receives a PM. He could also have done that with this thread, but I think that's much less likely. :)

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