FoosterNET Hosting (Free during beta testing!)

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Re: FoosterNET Hosting (Free during beta testing!)

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Just as a random bit of info. I also run my servers in containers, and there's a fun thing you can do as far as hosting goes. Being that the game server only uses UDP, you can forward the same port for TCP connections to 22 (or whatever your SSH server runs on), making each person use a single port for all of their activity.

It's nice to see others finally joining in. :P It's really nice because it can keep things very separate, while allowing specific servers to utilize volumes from other containers. For example, my Labyrinth server has access to a directory in the Arma Resource so it can create maps on the fly and make them accessible to everyone, and all it took was a single line in a YML file. It's also nice to be able to change the image name and trigger a restart of the container and have your server run on a different version (sty+ct, ap, etc.). Also, whether or not SSH is available is optional per server, as it basically everything else by just not exposing ports.

I've planned to create a web interface to it at some point, but not sure why it hasn't happened yet.
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