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Captuer The Flag | INDI-SPAWN

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So hello folks, tronners and world wide gamers!

I have been playing around with a server of mine. It has to do with that "/pass" flag idea I've mentioned. If no one has any clue, don't fret. It's not "big of a deal".

Anyway, I've got a server working with modified CTF settings. I did a few things to it so that it doesn't appear to be like the regular CTF settings. Along with that I've thrown in the /pass feature and tested it out with a few players and its working great! We had a lot of fun "pass and kill" each other until round deathzone wiped us out! :P

To make things interesting I've disabled base respawning and instead thrown in a new feature where dead players will spawn a respawn zone. Allies or Enemies enter it to respawn their dead teammates. To pass the flag to a teammate just do "/pass" in your chat. However note that you must have one or many teammates alive to do it.

That server is:

Code: Select all

Alpha Project - Capture The Flag [INDI-SPAWN]

Port: 4536
Server isn't stable yet. So far I had to correct the respawn issue when players are leaving the server. Then this issue occurred where players respawn while their respawn zone is still active. OFC, that was me using RESPAWN_ALL admin command. :P

So, check out the server and tell me if it's alright or needs improvements or whatever. ;)
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