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Re: Extreme world! Server list.

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It's been about 4 years now... Oh no, what's back? The Extreme World series?
Well, this time the servers in this series are going to be a lot more unique. Mostly, anyway. And on better hosting. Auto-Accel racing is a CPU hog which also causes a bit of lag during maps filled with DZs.
So far I have up:
Extreme World - Auto-Accel Racing
Extreme World - Crazy Shooting

Auto-Accel can be considered a replacement for the tronner racing (maybe?). However, the base of extreme world auto-accel racing is from Nelg's Speedy Racing (almost like a light switch on the names!). It is improved in various ways over NSR and has 80 maps in the rotation, generally maps that people like. Queuing is no longer case sensitive but still doesn't have any partial matching, but the map names aren't really that long anyway. A complete list of maps is on the homepage of the racing section (scroll down).

Crazy Shooting is shooting with custom maps, no tails, and infinite rubber (so you can rest on the walls until someone sneaks up on you and shoots you). The match ends at 8 minutes or 20 points.

Oh wow, a website too? Well, BESIDES the racing pages, it looks like crap at the moment but I'm working on that. Merlin's tower is also on the list because it may be coming back up in the near future.

This time, the servers wont crash like a weekend firework display :P
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