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Game Grid Champions

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I've mentioned this game several times in the past as being the best representation of the movie. The recent talk about a new Armagetron game engine with a z-axis got me thinking about Game Grid Champions. I decided to bust out my Win98 computer and capture a quick video (through the laptop's s-video port because that's all I've got to work with and man does it look like shit). GGC is one of those games that could have reached amazing heights but development stopped abruptly and I've never been able to locate the author to find out why. We can only assume the game was good enough and he got bored.
  • Since the video looks like utter crap, here is a screenshot of the game.
  • Here is a video showing the menus and gameplay. REMEMBER, this game was released in 1996!
  • Finally, if you have a 16-bit computer and a copy of Win95 or Win98 (doesn't work as well on 98), you can download a copy of Game Grid Champions.

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Re: Game Grid Champions

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It actually looks pretty good!
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