AI Value Randomizer

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AI Value Randomizer

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I play a lot of local games as you know, enough that I can somewhat predict how certain named AIs will react. To eliminate this, I wrote a script for randomizing AI values and run it occasionally. It overwrites aiplayer.cfg, so be sure to back up the original if you use this. I don't really know how the AI works, so please modify this script as you see fit. It does well enough that the bots are fairly tough.

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/* ArmagetronAD AI Randomizer v1, 2014 by a really cool guy
 * Overwrites aiplayers.cfg with strong values for every named AI
 * Place script in directory with the configuration file

$ainames = ["Name1", "Name2", "Name3", "Name4", "Name5"];

// Column header
$ai[] = "# ai-name\trs\ter\tvr\ttr\tcl\tpth\tlp\tcyc\ttun\tdet\tst\tstr\tsch\n";

for ($i=0; $i < count($ainames); $i++) {
	$ai[] = $ainames[$i]."\t".
	rand(5, 10)."\t".      // reaction speed
	rand(5, 10)."\t".      // emergency reaction
	rand(3, 10)."\t".      // viewing range
	rand(0, 6) * 5 ."\t".  // trace
	rand(3, 10)."\t".      // close combat
	rand(3, 10)."\t".      // path finding
	rand(6, 10)."\t".      // loop avoid
	rand(3, 10)."\t".      // cycle avoid
	rand(3, 10)."\t".      // avoid tunnel
	rand(3, 10)."\t".      // trace detect
	rand(0, 3)."\t".       // initial state
	rand(4, 6)."\t".       // drive straight
	rand(8, 12)."\n";      // state change

// Convert array to string and output results to console for user feedback
$outstring = implode($ai);
echo $outstring;

// Write the file
$file_handle = fopen("aiplayers.cfg", "w");
fwrite($file_handle, $outstring);
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Re: AI Value Randomizer

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Neat :)

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