Ladle Tool: Bracket Helper

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Ladle Tool: Bracket Helper

Post by sinewav »

Yet another tool inspired by laziness. I got tired of taking the results of ]randomteam and my Server Distributor and painstakingly copying from one page to another. The bracket code on the wiki can get tedious to scroll through and I am prone to mistakes. Now there is a new Ladle tool: the Bracket Helper. You simply paste the output of ]randomteam and/or the server distributor into the first field, and the wiki code into the second field, then combine them. Voila!

Thanks to epsy for helping me see the obvious error in my code, and special thanks to kyle who submitted his own code when mine didn't work as planned. I guess this is a joint programming thing.

Bracket Helper

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Re: Ladle Tool: Bracket Helper

Post by Concord »

as someone who use to screw this up and flood the wiki change log with 3 pages of edit, and as someone who is very grateful he hasn't had to do it in ~30 Ladles, I applaud this.

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Re: Ladle Tool: Bracket Helper

Post by Titanoboa »

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[20:18:25]<Titanoboa> okay, it's done :D i'll fill in the brackets then we make a final check
[20:18:32]* over_ has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[20:18:34]<Syre> kk
[20:20:21]<Titanoboa> done
[20:20:21]<Frobot> Title: Template:Ladle52Bracket - Armagetron Advanced Wiki (at
[20:20:29]<Titanoboa> (thanks a lot sine for that awesome tool)
Never been that easy before. Thanks a bunch.

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