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DrJoeTr0n wrote:Hey zapple. The post you put to nic.
Zapple Reply to nices post. "nics post included at top"

Posted: Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:02 pm Post subject:
nicolas.b wrote:
a source IM'd me just now saying he was upset at something happening tonight at breakfast burrito. i wasn't there, but this source is a friend of mine and i trust his word. apparantly zapple was taking a player named dizzy through the steps of how to ripgrind. and they seemed to be successful, since some portions of the grid started to warp or disappear or something.


how many freaking times do we have to go through with this until you realise it is NOT a good idea???

thank you.

Why didnt you make my name capatal!!??
And to clear that up, we werent "ripgrinding" or even ripping, we were just driving around the arena and doing fast 180's making invisiwalls. Nothing to do with ripping.

Who is your friend? And I didnt see anypart of the grid destorted or ripped. It riped 1 time from dizzy trying to rip. Nothing after that.

And nic, dont yell at me until you know the facts. Now you know that FACTS I have just told you, you can yell at me for invisiwalls but that wont help anything now will it?

You clearly do not know what you are talking about. Instead of attempting to make nic look like a baffoon, it actually back fired. You state that there was no rip grinding yet in the next sentence you said rip grinding was going on Note: happening only once is still happening. Nic never said that you were rip grinding, he said you were taking Dizzy thhrough steps of rip grinding which means in text, Not actually performing the rip. Don;'t deny this one because LIKE YOU SAID, He did not do it right, and LIKE YOU SAID it also made part of the grid collapse, funny how you said in the sentence prior about the grid collapse that you said no ripping was going on. Even though Dizzy didnt make a complete rip, he still glitched the server and you helped him out so he can do it. WHICH IS STILL VERY VERY BAD! You arent busted for ripping, your busted for helping rip. In other words, You are busted for selling drugs, not using drugs. Nic has is facts straight. How about you huh Zapple? Good luck explaing this one, you did a heck of a job the first time...

I beileve you owe nic an apology.

A word of advice.
Actually read posts.

oh, and i took screen shot the post just in case you feel like the editing the original post :wink:
I never helped anyone rip. I was helping dizzy make invisiwalls. And I dont owe anyone an apology because I was not helping anyone rip. And Iw asnt ripping myself. And I did read my post.

I was not attepmting to make nic look like a bafoon, I was just telling him what happend.

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You say apples and I say apples.

Good to know that we are all mature human beings. I don't think I will ever give up double binding. I think that riprinding was a stupid idea in the first place and gets you nowhere. I took a drive on the outside of the wall and there is nothing out there but death. why not stay inside the grid and get some points for killing others rather than suicide. Grow up and quit defending your pathetic tron adventures. This game needs structure just like every other game. Play by the rules or don't play at all. This is for everyone. Have fun. 8)
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In all truth I mainly have double binding so that I can play with either my left hand or my right hand and do stuff with the hand that's not being used, for example getting a bottle of water. I do use both hands too sometimes, but I don't really play enough for it to make a difference...

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i like teh settings how they are, goshdarn is too slow!

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