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New Server

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Hey, theres a new awesome server up. It has basically no lag. Name of it is Pirate Week, only problem is that the admin cant afford hosting, so we should get up some donations to keep it alive, its quick. Im talkin 10 people on and everyones pings under 100 quick with a bunch of bots too

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I just played it quick and had a ping of 250! So I think the reason everyone playing it had a ping under 100, is that all of you just happened to be really close to the server. Then again, I think that a server with 10 people and no lag is not special. I've had mine with the a entirely full 16 people and almost no lag. In short, I would not donate, but I guess that's mainly because I already run 4 servers.

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i really miss :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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