Server shut down until further notice

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Server shut down until further notice

Post by Verement »

Most likely Armagoshdarn will not be returning. The recent abuse is not considerate to other players, and I don't feel it's worth maintaining a server that a few will continue to crash.

If the bug that is causing the crash can be determined and fixed, I may consider bringing the server back. But until then, I'm afraid the grid is closed. (Did I say awesome and empowering? Funky.)

I hope Arn has brought y'all some good times.


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Post by locutus »

if you use tank's specs for his tigers network, this problem can be avoided, his reset a few times beautifully after those guys crashed it several times, please don't take darn away from us, many of us consider it home, and it's the one server that gives me a reasonable ping to play with...if you don't bring it back, just want to say thanks for having it there all this time, it is/was the center of our armagetron universe...

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Post by nicolas.b »

goshdarn is where i first broke into arma and will always have a special place in my heart. i love the humorous, somewhat elegant yet simplistic way the stats page is designed. and the little quotes are usually hilarious and/or thought-provoking and seemingly inexhaustible.

i'd hate to think that two kids could bring down this favorite server which so many people have enjoyed for so long. but if so, then i can only add to loc's grateful thanks with my own grateful thanks.

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Post by Allanon »

Thanks for setting up the server, in my opinion it was the best. This server had the right balance of speed, rubber, tail, and grid size. It was also the only server that I was able to constantly play without major lag, yes lag occurred sometimes but more often than not I was able to play without worrying about it.

But now it seems the new players rather spam, crash the server, and talk shit rather than play Armagetron. So I'm probably going to stop playing Armagetron altogether. I do wish all the people in the Armagetron community good luck.


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Post by subby »

Thanks Verement for your server. It was always my fav, Playing from Australia, it was always the best behaving/lowest ping server around. I can understanfd the frustration of idiots bringing down the server however.

Anyway, thanks again for your computer time (time slices) :) while i played

#1 for me

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Post by iceman »

yesterday i saw 3 assholes trying to crash it but was unable to do anything

maybe (if i ever get my compiler working) i'll fake their disconnect and boot them out
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Post by Your_mom »

Best server ever what else can i say.Hope you can bring it up again soon i hate when the few ruin it for all.This server is where i play 90% of the time. I have become used to it, its like a groove that i can play in, one that has lots of memories. The thought of losing this games online play is a tough idea to embrace i hope someone can convice you to bring back the best server that was out there.I already miss the server other servers just dont have the same feel the clone just isnt the same. Its a shadow of the server it mimics.

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Post by subby »

I tried i really tried to find a server that fits tonight but they are all 400+ ping for me (other than eggcozy's, that one is cool) ALll i can say with goshdarn gone is:


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Post by Freewheelin'56 »

All ready homesick :cry:
The best server leaving,so sad, it was is the best server to play on the only one I really like. Hope this will not be come a trend, players dissapearing. I hope I can find an other server I like but highly unlikely.
Please check out Loc's advice, BOO HOO and a double SIGH.
Freewheelin'58 I want Goshdarn back!!
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Post by k »


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Post by Speedracer »

First of all I would like to thank you Verement for your constant care of this server. :)

Secondly, I too have made armagoshdarn my home and will dearly miss it. Even though the clone is good, it is not the same.

Third, I think that if we stick together and not let these hooligans get the better of us we can bring them down or teach them the ways of respect. We all play the same game and the same applies to us all. I will not stand for Spammers and Server Abuse. We can beat this.

Good Luck! 8)
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Post by Draco II »

Yes, Armagoshdarn is the best server. I hope a couple of kids fooling around doesn't ruin that for us. As locutus said in an earlier thread in this, please try Tank's method so that it won't go down every time they do this. I would just hate to see the best server not up anymore.

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Post by Thak »

I really hope you bring back Armagoshdarn, Verement, and that the auto reconnect thing Tank made can work out.

And, Allanon - I hope you'll stick around too. :[

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Post by n54 »

the server that got us hooked, our cybernetic mother(load), her settings will live on... :cry:

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Can you detail the hardware and OS Armagoshdarn was running

Post by 2b|!2b? »

If you could detail the OS, hardware, network connection, etc, Armagoshdarn was running with, who knows.... perhaps someone will launch a new one with more or less identical settings.

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