Maji is top 15 player yay

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Allanon wrote:Hi all, this is my first post on this board. 8)

I see my "not so secret" identity of Runner has been revealed but that's alright since my primary goal has been accomplished. Runner and Allanon are in the top 15:
Nice to see you here Allanon. :D
Good go on getting into the top 15 twice 8) :oops:
Freewheelin'58 I want Goshdarn back!!
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Post by n54 »

welcome allanon! :D

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Post by locutus »

that was a secret? lol...

(i remember being on the grid the day you changed your name, not very covert runner)

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In the words of n54...
n54 wrote:welcome allanon! :D

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Post by Speedracer »

Lol Allanon! Nice try though.... atleast we didn't reveal you on the awesomely awesome neatoriffic grid. :lol:
I have 298 matches won... If I want top 15, I need to get atleast 105 more matches... geez, I don't know if I can do it. 8)
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