Hola ;)

Here you can discuss Armagoshdarn, settings specific to it, what you think about it, etc.

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Hola ;)

Post by Zelig »

Hi people,
One year ago, more or less,I started playing armagetron, and I've never post a message on this forum.
I would like to speak better english but when I try to say anything seems that a two years old child speaks, that's why I prefer not speak and simply use emoticons. Excuse me if sometimes I've seemed to be a bit stupid or autistic ;)
I promise u that I'm doing hard efforts to understand each other, but please when u speak to me do not use so difficult slang (my dictionary is not updated and my knowledge either). tnx. :)
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Post by Tank Program »

that is not too bad at all. and welcome :). y ayi están personas que hablan español, así es un possibilidad para tu a ayudas a nosotors, pero, my españsol escrito es mas mal tan tu englies escrito. un pensamiento para ti :)

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Post by nicolas.b »

y yo tambien. mucho gusto, zelig. nacie en peru pero vive' casi de todo mi vida en estados unidos. mi castellano es muy mal, pero voy a tratar a entender y escritir. :)

BTW, "the church that illuminates is the church that burns?"... very nice! :mrgreen:

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Post by n54 »

wow... umm... hola Zelig nice to see you here :D and your english is fine - no problemas :mrgreen:

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Post by locutus »

tu englis' is muy bueno...bienvido

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hola zapatero

Post by sAnSiBaR »

I join by saying: HOLA ZAPATERO

hola zelig, nice to see u on board !

have fun

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