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I would like a)a rimjob b)a cigarette
stakes is high

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Pm sent to philippeqc

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Lucifer wrote:
subby wrote:I noticed that your cycle_brake is set to 5

Set CYCLE_BRAKE to 0 or even set it to -0.0001

Removing the brake (or making it ever so slightly accelerate) should make it harder to rip, if not making it impossible. (ie keep ketting closer to wall until ....)
Personally, I'd like a "explodes on brakes" setting, but removing brakes isn't exaclty a solution here. People use brakes, people like them, they add something to a player's tactical library (don't know what, brakes are for sissies you know), but they are kind of an expected part of the game at this point.
I don't propose the removal of brake, just have it as an option for the server admin. SUch as use brake explode would be a cool option lol :)

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I have some details now. I will see what I can do about the situation.
Canis meus id comedit.

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Lucifer wrote:
root down wrote:(as i'm convinced the ramen noodles guy is kess)
The ramen noodles guy is radiofiasco, and I *think* I've seen him and kess in the grid together. I definitely don't see radiofiasco pulling the kind of crap kess is reputed for, but the few times I've seen kess he was just playing, not causing trouble. Radiofiasco can be irritating sometimes (oh my ******' ramen noodles shut the shit up already about it), but overall he's a good player, from what I've seen.

A sure bet woud be if kess ever talked about ramen noodles, proposing to his girlfriend, and living in a dorm.
[Ramen]Focus is kess. I probed him just right, and God was there to check on details I didn't personally know. So there ya go, Focus is kess.

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