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Here you can discuss Armagoshdarn, settings specific to it, what you think about it, etc.

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ish Settings

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Wassup, ive decided to change my World Of Hate server from a slightly faster smeg clone to an ish clone, ive treid to copy the settings to the best of my ability but i wouldnt mind someone tossin me a copy of the config.
Just as darn was too popular and ish was cloned, ish now has a clone.
Especially needed imo since darn is down until further notice.

PS - New server name is armagoshWORLDOFHATE feel free to email me at tramshed(at)

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Post by ishAdmin »

The original darn settings are in this forum somewhere. I could post mine in the next day or so, the next time I'm near my regular puters. Some of the key settings are on the stats pages. Someone else was asking about them too in the game today. I forget who.

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