4 Team Fortress!

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4 Team Fortress!

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The newest server on the block!

What is it?

Fortress with four teams and four zones to conquer. Each team has a max limit of 6 members that can join one team, so a total of 24 people can play at one time without team clutter at the start!

How did you come up with this?

Well, I was browsing Durka's files and noticed he had made a map like this, so I decided to host it and have a little fun with some things in it, nice map Durka!

Does it use Ladle settings?

Yes! It includes the latest Ladle 21 settings! Wouldn't it be cool if we could have a four team ladle match one day? Awesome!

Give it a try, it's a lot of fun when there are a lot of people playing!

Whats with the server name?

Well, I wanted something different, other than just another boring clan server. I wanted something that everyone I know can relate to, and U.S.A is what I thought of when I thought of a Fortress server. Europeans have their "Fortress Cafe" so I thought, we should have one just for us proud americans!

Although our server is hosted in America, it is hosted in Pennsylvania, which, I have found out, gives most Europeans a great ping that's a little above 100! So I guess this is another plus if I decide to host a Ladle server on this VPS I bought.

Have fun!

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