Server Upgrade for TheSeverPharmNY.

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Server Upgrade for TheSeverPharmNY.

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I spent about 3 hours 2 nights ago doing testing in and on the 2 NY servers that I have that host TheServerPharm[NY] GameServers, Twixted Xats [NY] servers and a few others. I have been getting increasingly bad reports of ping spikes, sliding, etc. I was at first concerned that I had done something wrong in the configuration of the two Dedicated Servers. Alas, my 3 hours of testing and research showed that my hosting provider is overselling their network. I confirmed by searching forums, that I am not the only customer experiencing this. So, since my next payment is due soon, I immediately decided to look for a better deal. I found a Dedicated Server in Pennsylvania, USA that will be far more powerful than the 2 New York dedicated servers are. So, I immediately purchased a rental of the server. It will be in approximately within the next 52 hours of when I am making this post, that I can begin to configure it. I also have a Virtual Private server that I run out of an inexpensive provider in Texas for my TheServerPharm forums, and a TeamSpeak 3 server that I have for TR2NOrigins. For the same price that I am paying now, I can get a very nice OpenVZ Virtual Private server that I can host GameServers and/or forums on. I tested it this morning, and had a very stable ping. If you would like to test the server yourself, check out Ladle 31 TheServerPharmPA2. My ping and the ping of the 4 other people that came in the server, varied withing +/- about 3ms it seemed. I am going to use this VPS to host a few of my own GameServers in Armagetron. The plan is to divide up the Dedicated server, one portion for Durka and his TX servers and a few of our Wwhosting Customers. The other portion for my own TheServerPharmPA1 Ladle Server, other random tournment servers for Armagetron, and a number of unique servers that I am making for TR2NOrigins.
The hope is to continue to leverage the hosting servers I have to benefit both communities. I will be ultimately concentrating the bulk of my GameServers in TR2NOrigins, but I will continue to support the Ladle in Armagetron, and other tournaments that may come up.

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