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Post by Lacrymosa »

I want all members of the Kill or Die team to stay in contact with each other. Therefore it would be nice if you make use of one of the following possibilities:

- Our irc channel at #kod
- This forum
- An instant messenger (I use ICQ: 192-221-780)

You don't have to talk every day, just make sure that you know the server, the time and the enemy we are going to play next and tell us (me) if you can play or not early enough.

Thanks, the team captain
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Post by Lackadaisical »

Maybe you can make a 'special' announcement thread for those who don't read the forums regularly? People can use the 'watch thread'-feature to be notified if there's something important going on.

OT: Are we going to play in the ladle?

I think I've got the emailaddresses of the people who also played for Team Somethingsomething.. If you want to try and contact them, i can PM them to you.
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