my friends...

A little friendly group of fortress players. We are open to external players to play with us in tournaments and competitions.

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my friends...

Post by Rain »

Months passed since the last time I was here.
Actually my job, as you noticed, doesn't allow me to take care of site and even worse, doesn't allow me to play my favourite sport: tron.
I'm sadly announcing here that I am not going to renew the contract for domain and for mysql's databases.
I already saved the databases and the site will keep up for a while.
Tell me if you agree or not.
The deadline is 30th October 2008.



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Post by Monkey »

That is unfortunate to hear rain. There must be someone in Armagetron who can add your site to their server (I'm sure it does not use much bandwidth/cpu/mem). You will have to use another address/domain but at least the site can continue. Also, maybe other oops members can help with the maintenance of the site? Just some suggestions...
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Post by Concord »

I think that's fine
we have a space here if we need it
and if things really get going
we can figure something else out

hope life is good,

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