TST 25 (January 17th 2020)

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TST 25 (January 17th 2020)

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Re: TST 25 (January 17th 2020)

Post by Z-Man »

round3_eu.aarec 8972kb 1024s
round3_ny.aarec 12508kb 1193s
round3_va.aarec 12792kb 1220s

semi_ny.aarec 20068kb 1853s
semi_va.aarec 17680kb 1678s

final_va.aarec 19912kb 1853s

Just as a note to myself, there is a network blackout in round3_va.aarec that ends around T=1096s just after I hit ESC to enter the menu (the match was done already). Same thing in round3_ny at T=1087, about the same real time. I hit ESC, two frames later I get network packets again. My ping was around 100ms in both, so no way this was the servers reacting to the chat status change, it must have been a local effect. Or coincidence. IRC was also reporting network trouble around that time.

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