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Sumo Bar League

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This started out as the Saturday Sumobar League, but we're adding an EU session on Tuesdays and a US session on Thursdays, which is why we have to rebrand to SBL rather than SSL. :) If you're from the future and looking at old threads, here's the original thread. I'd just edit the title of it and keep posting there, but I can't so here we are.

If you just wanna play, don't worry about the massive wall of text. Just look for the bolded text. :stubble:

After a successful premiere on Saturday 2020-04-25, and after realising how relatively easy it is to participate (as long as you're available to begin with) it seemed feasible to add more matches. This means not only more regular competitive sumo, but we'll reach somewhat accurate ratings much sooner as well.

To be super clear: you may compete in all the sessions if you want, regardless of your or its location. :done:

To participate, you need to:

1. Join the tron discord. Permanent invite link
2. In the hour before the start of the first match, go to #competitions and type the grid name you'll be using for the match and your login as well. {tag} titan [email protected] is a valid example. Your rating will be tied to your login.
3. Keep an eye on the #competitions channel between :55 and :59 as the matches will be announced. The matches will be seeded based on the players' perceived skill levels (i.e. their ratings). Once the matches are announced by an SBL admin, enter the Sumo Bar League server and ask someone to /op you so that you can play.

We've had some polls in the #competitions channel to decide: What week days to play the EU and US session and the starting times, as well as what time to start the EU and US session on Saturdays.

1. EU Sumo Bar League week session - what day? Tuesday won with 7 votes against Wednesday's 4.
2. US Sumo Bar League week session - what day? Thursday won with 8 votes against Tuesday's 3 and Wednesday's 2.
3. EU Sumo Bar League week session - starting time. 19 GMT won with 8 votes against 20 GMT's 4 and 18 GMT's 3.
4. US Sumo Bar League week session - starting time. 00 GMT won with 4 votes against 23 GMT's 3 and 01 GMT's 3.
5. EU Sumo Bar League Saturday session - starting time. 15 GMT won with 6 votes against 13 GMT's 4 and 14 GMT's 3.
6. US Sumo Bar League Saturday session - starting time. 21 GMT won with 8 votes against 20 GMT's 7 and 22 GMT's 1.

This means we'll be having a session tomorrow, Tuesday 28th, 19 GMT (8 pm British, 9 pm Central Europe // noon Pacific, 3 pm Eastern).
Sign up in #competitions 18:00-18:55 GMT with your grid name and login.

It also means we'll be having a US session on Thursday 30th, 23:59 GMT* (5 pm Pacific, 6 pm Mountain, 7 pm Central, 8 pm Eastern).
Sign up in #competitions 23:00-23:55 GMT with your grid name and login.

*calling it 23:59 instead of 00:00 to be able to call it Thursday without any confusion. :star:

This session will be seeded based on last Saturday's results - highest rated players play each other in match 1. As soon as match 1 ends, the next group starts match 2, and if we have 17+ players showing up the final group will start match 3 once match 2 ends. A match takes about 25 minutes, so if you're playing in a later match you can certainly do something else while waiting - just keep an eye out and be back in time!

SBL Admins are: Titanoboa (primarily EU) and raph (primarily US).
We'll soon also have a team of mods who can help out with practical stuff during sessions.

Game servers are provided by Agility.

Soon enough we'll have a web page or similar where we display all the ratings. :)
For now, I'll just leave you with the seeding order for EU on Tuesday and US on Thursday.

EU: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
US: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

I'm granting all of the above USER_LEVEL 8 (Team Member) which allows you to play as well as using /op on other players. To op someone, type /op <name> 13. This will op them to the user level "OP-ed" which is the minimum required to play in our servers.

Don't over-analyze these two lists; we're quite far away from an accurate ranking. :snail:
They're score-based for now because position-based after just 2 parallel matches would leave us with a lot of ties, which isn't too useful for seeding purposes. As for our actual ratings later, we'll run score-based and position-based ratings parallel, evaluate and decide on one of them according to which one seems to best represent reality. I'll post a link to the ratings below as soon as they're public.
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